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Can You Hear Her?

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The Journey Ahead...

We are all on a journey to awaken and encounter the most divine version of ourselves.

Here at DivinePower Wellness, we coach and guide you through your mental, emotional, and physical journey. My hope is to empower each and every single one of my clients to be their own guiding force, the Divine knowledge is within you. I am here cheering you on and want you to know that I am proud of you for doing the work to prepare yourself for the blessings that are coming to your way!

Why Work With Gabby?

My strengths center around womanhood and motherhood. Being a labor nurse and birth coach has allowed me to tap into the divine feminine, which is why coaching women during their childbearing years is my passion. As a Registered nurse I advocate for my patients and strive to communicate their needs and desires effectively.

I have personally had my own health issues and through my experiences I have encountered a variety of tools and modalities that will support an individual's healing journey and I use all this knowledge to support each and every single one of my clients.

Free Discovery Call

In this introductory call , we will go over some of the aspects that you know are holding you back from being in tune with your highest self. This call is to gain an understanding of who you are and how your individuality can serve you along this journey.